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Related post: Date: Mon, 30 May 2011 11:08:06 -0700 (PDT) From: Pete Brown Subject: Reluctant Gladiator, Part 36RELUCTANT GLADIATOR - Part Thirty Six A story by Pete Brown (petebrownuk yahoo.com)Read all of Pete's stories at groups.yahoo.com/group/petebrownseroticstoriesWe must have looked a superb sight when we arrived back in front of the men lounging around the pool. We were, after all, men who had been underaged toons selected for our looks and who had then exercised and trained hard. We almost instinctively lined up with Jamie next to Darren, and Luke next to me, and I put my arm around Luke's shoulder as if to "protect" underage female nudists him from the world - his skin was hot next to mine and I could feel him trembling slightly as he was clearly tensed up."Right!", said the surgeon. "Shall we begin? You two brothers first... Get over here!"Darren shook Jamie's hand in a gesture of support, and I took my arm from around Luke's shoulder. "Go on", I told him quietly so the men wouldn't hear. "It will be OK - Jamie will remember you're his brother and won't fuck you hard."I could feel him trembling even more now, so pushed him gently forward, giving his bare butt a friendly pat to encourage him.The two brothers stood there in front of the audience, and I have to say they were a splendid sight - they were very alike in their bodies, and it was only Jamie's more developed musculature that really distinguished them - I guess that in a couple of years that difference would disappear as Luke finally matured fully, and it was even possible that he'd end up an inch taller than Jamie - his lithe body had that "look" of a colt who was still waiting to put on a final growth spurt.The surgeon was in charge now, and he underage nudes bbs didn't even ask me if it was OK to proceed. Instead he told Jamie and Luke to move amongst his friends so that they could have a proper "pre-show inspection". At first the men seemed content to sit and watch as the two lads moved around, but once one guy had tentatively put out a hand and stroked Jamie's butt, it was as if some sort of "permission" had been given. Soon both underage teen panties lads were being properly "inspected" as you see slaves being at a dealer: the men were running their hands up and down their bodies, fingers pressing into the musculature to test the power, tweaking their nipples, and then, as if growing in confidence as Jamie and Luke stood there and simply took this degrading handling of them as if they were some sort of prize beasts at a livestock show, they began a more "intimate" inspection. They had underaged cocks images Luke and Jamie nudeunderageteenlegal stand back to back, their shoulders and butts pressed close to each other, and two of the guys stroked them to erection. Photographs were taken of them standing there with their dicks jutting proudly in to the air, and then they were told to turn around and move slowly towards each other - it seemed that the audience had been taking bets on which of the two had the longer dick, and rather than measuring them both, they had decided that it was easier to make a comparison: Jamie and Luke had to shuffle forward until the tip of a dick pressed into a belly (it was a draw, actually - they both made contact simultaneously!). Finally both were then ordered to bend over and pull their buttocks apart, so that the men could see their arseholes - and I could hear them discussing how Jamie had evidently been "used" more than the younger one who looks as if he's almost a virgin". I could only imaging how Luke and Jamie thai underage fuck must feel to hear this sort of comment about their most intimate parts.One of those big rubber "exercise" mats was housed in a cupboard close to the sitting area, and the surgeon ordered Luke and Jamie to drag it out. I didn't like the way he was ordering my slaves underage nude foto around like this, but there wasn't a whole lot I could do about it, except that I sex underage voyeur told Darren to get over and help them (so differentiating me a bit from the slaves). It was quite large and very heavy, and I think the men all enjoyed seeing the naked bodies as they tugged and struggled to lever the unwieldy thing in to position."Right!", said the surgeon. "We want to see wrestling, not boxing. Proper wrestling - like the Greeks did". As he said this he turned to is guests and added "And we have them wearing traditional costumes for this, as you can see. Let's imagine ourselves back in Athens, preparing to watch two fine young athletes perform for us naked, as would have underage dick been the case all those centuries ago.""So it's two 'falls' - both shoulders pressed on to the mat - or a submission, to end the fight. And stay on the mat - that can count as a fall."Jamie and Luke went and stood on opposite sides of the thick rubber, and both of them started to stretch their muscles and do proper "warm" up exercises - that's one thing we'd all learned to do at the School. Not only does it underage teen naturism help you fight better, but especially if you were doing one of the small "intimate" displays, the audience likes to see it (as indeed they were doing here - the men had all repositioned their chairs to be grouped around the mat, underage girl videos and were now leaning forward as if they wanted an even better view).When the surgeon gave the order to "Fight", I have to say I was proud of both of them. Jamie was an experienced fighter as I've told you, but even in his short time at the School Luke had acquired a lot of expertise. Although Jamie's history and his more developed body ought to have given him a relatively easy victory, Luke was more nimble and took advantage of this to duck and weave a lot, keeping himself out of Jamie's grip as much as possible.Both men were sweating profusely after a couple of minutes of course, and if anything, this gave Luke a bit more help as Jamie found it harder to get a grip on his brother. Even so, it seemed clear that Jamie's stronger body and greater experience would give him the victory.After five minutes the surgeon called a break, and it was interesting to see that both Jamie and Luke adopted a "power" stance - they stood there facing each other, hands on hips with their fingers pointing down at their groins, elbows out in that aggressive way you see men adopt in bars when they're squaring up for a fight.. They were sweating profusely and breathing heavily as they recovered from the heavy exercise, and the sweat started to gather in underage free sites little rivulets and run over their muscled torsos - some ran down their dicks and dripped on to the mat, making it look as if they'd not shaken themselves properly dry after pissing.The audience was gesturing at the two of them as they stood there and talking amongst themselves, and to drunk underage the surgeon. They seemed to reach some sort of mutual agreement, as the surgeon told the young slave (who had been watching as intently as the rest of us, and was actually quite excited by it judging from the fact that he was erect - well, I guess most of the guys would be hard, too, except that in their casual clothes they had the luxury of concealing the bodily reactions!) to fetch something, and a few moments later he appeared with a plastic container of cooking oil."We've decided to even things up a bit", the surgeon told Jamie and Luke. "Oil yourselves well with this...." He tossed the container plump underage girls to Luke, who easily caught it. "It will make it harder for the bigger one to use his strength to crush the younger one. So give yourselves a good coating - indeed, we'd like to see you oiling each other."Luke could see the advantage he'd get, so he enthusiastically poured a lot of oil over underagenonnude his brother's shoulders then began to spread it out vigorously all over Jamie - bending down to give Jamie's butt, thighs and legs a really heavy coating. Jamie seemed underage and nudes a lot more reluctant to do the same to his brother, but after a short time both brothers were glistening wit the oil and their sweat - and the massaging had had another effect, underage piss porno too, as both of them were now semi-erect.Purists will object, I know, when I say that I think seeing wrestlers coated in oil gives a better show. Sure, it's not proper wrestling as they have much less ability to do hold skilfully. But there's something intensely erotic in seeing slicked muscles gliding over each other, and it makes for a faster and much more lively "show" as it's impossible for one to "hold" the other for more than a few seconds.The surgeon let them grapple for twenty minutes, anime incest underage by my reckoning, by which time it was clear both were nearing exhaustion as there was less and less "movement" and it was not nearly so exciting. So he called a halt, and gestures for Jamie and Luke to stand one on either side of him.They stood there, underagegayboy breathing very hard now, their chests rising and falling as their lungs strove teen underage pussy to recover. They underage xxx games had adopted that aggressive stance again, and now it was even more erotic as both men were rampantly erect - I guess it was the effect of their bodies sliding over each other, rather than the thought that one of them was going to have to fuck his brother! The surgeon addressed his friends "I think we can say there's not going to be a 'fall', so underage top we need to decide which of these men is the winner."He held Jamie's arm in the air and I could see Jamie start to smile as he reckoned he was going to be declared to have won, but the surgeon shouted "All those who think this one was best, raise your hands....". Some underage supermodels gallery of the men - about half I suppose did. He then did the same for Luke, and again about half the men raised their hands."I reckon that's a draw!", he shouted, and the men all roared back "Sure", and "Yes!" And stuff like that. Holding up his hand for silence he continued "So as you know, the bout was going to end in the proper way, with the winner fucking the loser. So as we have a draw...."Some of the men shouted out "We want to see a fuck....""...so as we have a draw, I think the best way is for each of them to fuck the other!".This announcement was greeted with cheering from the men, and looks of dismay from both Jamie and Luke. I could see why teen underage video Jamie was looking pissed off as he'd been confidently expecting not to get fucked, but Luke wasn't looking happy, either - surely he wasn't worried about having to fuck his brother?It was decided that there would be a shot break so that the young slave could refresh the men's drinks, and I went over to Luke and Jamie. "Cheer up!", I whispered underage child pix to Luke. "You've been fucked before, and Jamie'll go as easy on you as he can.""Steve, I can't fuck Jamie....""Why not? You're a gladiator, he's a gladiator.... underaged gay gallery Forget you're brothers....""It's not that, Steve.... But I've not done it before.....""You were in the barracks for months....""Yes, and most of the older gladiators fucked me. And of course I sucked all of them off. But I've never fucked another guy.... I don't know what to do....""You had a girl friend before you became a gladiator, didn't you?""Yes, but that's different....""No, believe me - I used to have women, too. It's not different, it's better. But it's a lot the same. Pretend you were going to fuck her 'doggy fashion', stroke your dick to make it really hard, position the tip... And thrust in. You'll meet a lot of resistance, but just push hard. And once you're in, it's easy - just fuck away!"Luke looked as if he didn't believe me, but I added "Just forget Jamie's your brother. Just see a gladiator who you've fought, with a nice ass, and fuck it! Oh... And Luke.... As it's for 'exhibition' and not just for 'fun' , when you think you're about to cum, remember to pull out, and shoot your cum all along Jamie's back - the audience like to see that. underage teenz Then squeeze the last drops of cum out of your dick as you stand there, and then whilst you've got a bit of erection left, push your dick back in - if you've been fucking pictures of underage hard, Jamie's underage pictures sex hole will be open so it won't be difficult. And, believe me, going back in like that is a fabulous sensation...."Jamie took japan underage girls control then, deciding for himself that he was going to fuck first, and put his hands on his brother's shoulders and pushed him down on to his knees. Jamie stroked his dick to make it even harder, then stabbed it towards Luke's lips. "Right, little brother - suck on this", he almost snarled. "This is going up your ass, and you need to get it well lubed."Frankly, Jamie's treatment of his brother got worse after that. adult galleries underage He made Luke gag and choke as he forced his dick right down his throat, then pulled out, and very roughly pushed Luke's shoulders down on to the oil-slicked mat. I'm not underage preeteen nude going to excuse him - I assume he knew his brother was still an anal virgin and really ought to have gone slowly and carefully. But, on the other hand, you've got to remember that Jamie was a trained gladiator and everything he'd learned at the School and in the humiliating private displays we'd had to do latterly had conditioned him to drive and thrust hard when he fucked a defeated opponent; and of course his hormones would be raging after that fight. So it's perhaps a little understandable that Jamie was soon shouting and crying out in terror and pain as Jamie pitilessly fucked him, fucked real underage pussy him hard.It didn't go on for long, though: you've got to remember that when you fight as a gladiator you're already xxx underage models really keyed up from all the bodily contact, so it doesn't take much fucking before you need to shoot. Jamie pulled out, threw his head back and roared with triumph and excitement as a big slick of creamy white cum was sprayed all along Luke's back. The men all cheered as this happened, and Jamie did the right thing as he squeezed his dick the express the last drops of cum, and then thrust back into his brother; the men cheered even louder. He then collapsed forward, not minding the cum all over Luke's back, then put adolescent underage fuck his head down and bit hard into Luke's neck, just above where it joins the shoulder. Yes, I know a lot of us winners like to "mark" a vanquished opponent like that, but I did think Jamie had gone too far as this was not a really "serious" bout in the arena - but, I suppose, it's hard to turn off those reflexes when you're so keyed up.Both men got to their feet then, and Jamie stood there smiling, idly stroking his rapidly detumescing dick. Luke angrily wiped away the tears that had been running down his face and turned to face his brother. "OK, fucker", he snapped. "On the mat. On your back! It's your turn to get it now."Jamie went to protest - perhaps he'd forgotten that he, too, was going to be fucked - but as he did so some of the men in the audience began to shout at him. So, almost as if he was in a daze, he sat down, then stretched backwards to lie there, his body glistening in the sun from the oil and sweat that covered it.I suppose underage school sluts it was Luke's experiences petite underage with his girlfriends flashing underage teens that made it more "comfortable" for him to fuck Jamie in the missionary position - he soon had Jamie's ankles in his hands and had raised them up and pushed them down and forward over his brother's body. There's a problem with that though when the other guy doesn't really want to take dick, underage freegalleries as we all know - you need both hands to hold his ankles as he won't co-operate and hold them out of your way. And that means you haven't got a hand free to stroke your dick that one last time and get it properly positioned to go in. underage party And you might even have to "help" your dick a bit if the guy is really tight or if you're not absolutely rigid and hard.Luke didn't seem to have a problem, though - whether it was through sexual excitement at having his first real fuck or because of his anger at Jamie, his dick didn't seem to need further stimulation - in fact it was giving those little jerks of its own that mean you're really excited, and I began to think that he might shoot a load without even entering Jamie's ass! He seemed to realise his problem with positioning though, but he shuffled his knees around a bit and I could see small pussy underage his belly muscles tighten as he pulled backwards before shuffling forward a bit more.... Then almost savagely, with all the power of his muscled body, he stabbed forward. Jamie's scream rent the air as Luke's dick battered its way into him, and this only seemed to excite underage hardcore cumshot Luke as he at once began to pound backwards and forwards - I could hear the "slap" sound as his body slammed against his brother's on each thrust even above Jamie's cries of pain and distress. The watching men had all gone silent, though - you might have expected underage and cock them to be cheering and shouting as mildly drunk guys do when they're watching sex, but I think that they could sense that this was something special going on here - something primordial and savagely raw, as one man demonstrated his total dominance and control over another, another who as his elder brother might have been "in charge" most of his life.A hard fuck like that can't go on for long, as the sensations are just too extreme, but even in his sexual frenzy Luke evidently remembered my instructions, as he pulled back so that his dick came out of Jamie, then, allowing one of Jamie's ankles to go free (Jamie was not now resisting, almost as if he had learned to accept his subservient status), he reached down so he could stroke his dick a couple of last times then position it to shoot his load all along Jamie's belly and chest - and it certainly was a load, not only in terms of the initial bad underage girls spurt, but because he continued to pump shot after shot out. He paused briefly, a look of pure triumph on his face, then plunged back into this brother one last time - Jamie had ceased to struggle or fight, and as Luke's butt bobbed up and down a few underage interracial more times (I guess Luke was a bit like me in that its actually quite painful to touch my dick after I've shot, and so these last few strokes are an intense mixture of ecstatic pleasure and acute physical discomfort) Jamie's legs wrapped loosely around his brother's waist in total surrender.We all watched, still in silence, as Luke pulled underage jpg asia out, then threw himself forwards onto his brother. I guess cute underage sex we could all imagine what it would feel like to have out hot sweat and oil slimed body pressed close to another, and to feel our dicks and balls pressed into Jamie's. Then Jamie cried out once more forum underage pron as Luke sank his teeth into his shoulder - he'd evidently learned his lesson well!Luke got to is feet then and stood over underage download fuck his brother, his feet on either side of Jamie's waist. He massaged a couple of remaining drops of cum from his dick so that they dropped onto Jamie's chest, then almost contemptuously planed his hands over his body so that illegal underage links Jamie was showered with sweat and oil. He was laughing as he punched the air in triumph, and the watching men - me included - could no longer contain ourselves: we roared and cheered as if we were trying to share in his triumph and his passion.Something happened then which caused us all to quieten underage naturalist - it was as underage japan girl if Luke came to a realisation of what he had done to his brother, and began to feel remorse, or shame, or something. His smile vanished, he looked down at Jamie sprawled under him, then reached down to take Jamie's hand and help him to his feet. Both brothers then stood there looking at each other, until as if they were in some how magically synchronised, they fell into each others arms and hugged each other as if they had been separated for a long time and were meeting again. It's a scene you see all the time at airports, except of course that they were both naked and we could sense their dicks pressed together teen underage xxx and the heat of their bodies as their arms pulled them close and tight.They came out of their embrace, then stood there side by side facing the men, completely proud and unashamed of what they had done. They looked sideways at each other and smiled, as if saying "We're two men, two equals, proud of our bodies and our fighting skills, and contemptuous of you men who need to watch us for a turn-on rather than being able to do it yourself."The young slave brought towels and the brothers stood there wiping each other down, smiling and laughing a little as they enjoyed the release from their tension and gloried in the splendour of their bodies. They then went and sat side by side in the shade, arms companionably around each other, as they waited to see what was going to happen next.The surgeon gave orders for the young slave to refresh the audience's drinks, and Darren and I stood there waiting - I felt the familiar tension in my muscles and the dryness in my throat as my body prepared itself for fighting. I wasn't worried about losing as I underage cuties models was so much more experienced, and stronger and heavier, than Darren (who anyway was hampered by his leg): even with one hand tied behind me I was confident that ls underage my greater strength and experience would prevail. underage free model If anything I was concerned that when I fucked him afterwards there was simply no way that I could exhibit the passion that Luke had - it would be a good, solid "workmanlike" fuck as I still had pride in being a trained gladiator (and, anyway, I'd fucked Darren before as an experienced gladiator exercising his rights over the younger ones and had enjoyed underage nympho it); my concern was that the watching men might think that I was not a "real man" if I showed less enthusiasm than Luke hentai underage sex had!Darren and I stood there, shifting our weight from leg to leg, sweat breaking out under the hot sun. The surgeon raised his had for quiet, then said "I don't think that we can clean the oil from the mat with out a lot of tedious waiting around, so I propose that we have our next pair, Steve and Darren, fight oiled up too". There was cheering form the men as he said this, and my heart began to race: it's anyway much harder to beat a less powerful opponent when you're covered in oil and can't grip him properly, and now I began to think that there was a real possibility that I might not win at all, as with only one free arm any "holds" would be all but impossible. Still, I could hardly protest, could I? I mean, there was no way I could show these men that I was apprehensive, was sexy underage boy there?The young romanian underage porn slave brought the oil over to us and Darren and I began to coat each other with it. "Do you little underaged asians want some up your arsehole, Steve?", Darren muttered as he bent close to me. "It will make it easier on you when my dick goes in...." . underage topless pictures A lot of young gladiators can be cheeky like that to us experienced guys - it's almost part of the pre-match ritual - and as I would normally do in such circumstances I slapped him hard on his butt to remind him of his status... Possibly it was harder than I meant because of the tension I was under, as the sound of my hand on his flesh echoed around, and a few of the men shouted things like "Cheat!" and "Bully!" - I guess that's one of the hazards of these shows to amateurs, rather than to the more sophisticated and underage in nude experienced audiences in the arena who better understand the dynamics of the male interaction that goes on before a fight.The surgeon then called one of the men out of the audience, and my heart fell again as this guy was evidently some sort of experienced bondage fetishist - I guess I'd been thinking that there would be a belt or something around my waist and my wrist would be cuffed to it, and it wouldn't hamper me all that much. But this guy advanced on me smiling and confident, and holding in one hand, with a sort of easy practised assurance, a thick coil of white rope. "Stand easy, boy", he snapped at me and I wanted to hit him for using that derogatory term to me as I was young underage hentia a free man just like him, not a slave. But something held me in check - I suppose it occurred to me that I didn't want to piss him off in the hope that he'd only tie me loosely.I might as well have told him to fuck off and show me some respect for all the difference it made. Within seconds he had the thick rope around my neck, under my armpits, and around my chest and was pulling tightly on it: I had a band above and below my pecs which were therefore forced forward into even greater prominence than normal, and as the end of the rope brushed against my nipples as he worked, they became almost painful as they were so erect! He was tying some large, elaborate knot high up between my shoulder blades, and I underage topsite knew there was no way I was going underage asia to wriggle free or even loosen the rope's grip on me.He stood there for a moment or two, turned me around once or twice to exhibit his craftsmanship to the other men, then said casually "Which hand do you wank with, boy?"Without thinking I replied "The left!", and realised my mistake - he'd know I was left handed, and would therefore teen underaged gallery presumably leave my right hand free."Left arm out", he ordered, and I had no option but to obey and then stand and watch as he expertly wrapped not only my wrist but most of my arm in rope, too, finishing off at the elbow. "Behind your back now", he said, and very reluctantly I moved my bound arm to do as I had been told.Far from being held somewhere around my waist, I now realised that my arm was going to be held up high on my back - I tried to resist, but once he had my bound arm roped to the "harness" around my hentai underaged pecs and shoulders, there was noting I could do - I guess he'd made some sort of "double" arrangement so that he had the mechanical advantage you get when you use a pulley block, as there was no way that even with my greater strength I could prevent him from pulling my arm higher and higher. It began to get quite painful and I curved my back and thrust my chest forward to try to underage lollita galleries ease myself a bbs underage girls little, but this was exactly the wrong thing to do - as soon as he sensed any slackness in the rope, he pulled it tight so that my arm was even higher now. He seemed underageyoung girls naked satisfied eventually and I had to stand there as he tied another elaborate knot to hold me, then he grabbed hold of my "harness" and pushed me forward to move amongst his friends so that he could show them his artistry and handiwork! I was completely powerless to prevent him displaying me like this as he had some sort of gay underage teens grip on the rope behind me and at the slightest sign of resistance on my part he pushed at it and my arm was in agony! As a sort of finale as he led me back towards the mat he slapped me - hard - on my pecs and their helplessly protruding nips, and as I yelped and flinched, he gave a small bow to the watching men as much as to say "See, I'm ******** underage pics an ordinary guy and I've got this big tough gladiator totally in my power".I'm not going to describe the fight to you. It was so totally unfair. With my body painfully contorted, my arm immobile, and with both our bodies slicked with oil so that any slight advantage of weight or power I might have had been nullified, Darren was of course the winner. Sure I did my best, put up a good fight in the hope underage alicia he might make a mistake, but he was agile, tough, and determined, and there as simply no way I could finally prevent him from pinning me down twice and being declared the winner.He pushed me to my knees and ordered me to suck his dick, and when I seemed reluctant he simply reached out and tweaked one of my nipples, so cruelly thrust out because of the bondage. It's no big deal to suck a guy's dick, I know - I've done it lots of times of course - but being forced to suck a younger guy watched by a crown of cheering men makes it very different. He didn't make me do it for long, though - I suppose he was worried that he might shoot - and stopped me, holding underage girl masterbating my head pressed into his crotch as he waited for the surgeon to give further instructions.I heard the surgeon asking for "votes" on how I was to be fucked as I knelt there feeling the heat from Darren's belly and thighs against my body, and heard them decide that they wanted to see a "traditional" doggy fuck: I was totally under their control and could not even choose how I was going to get fucked - I guess that's how a sex slave feels all the time, but I wasn't used to it. Darren let my head go and I pulled away, and he ordered me to my feet (yes, ordered me, the arrogant russian underagegirls young fucker: I reckon he'd forgotten why we were underager xxx pics doing all of this!) They'd cleared a space on one of the low tables in the middle of the men, and I was pushed towards it and made to kneel on it. Darren walked around inspecting me, then whispered so that the men could not hear "You aren't going to like this, Steve, but it's best for you....", then shouted to the watching crowd "Do you want to see him masturbating underage girls wanked first?"There were cheers of approval and Darren wanked me in the way I hate - he stood behind me as I knelt there, reached between my thighs and pulled my dick backwards and upwards, squeezing my balls between it and my thighs. I ought too have protested. I should just have got up and walked away from this nudist pictures underage humiliation - no one of them could really stop me, and I was a free man, after all, not a slave who would underage kdz pics have to take it. But I couldn't - I guess that after all those years of being a gladiator and living by the "code" I was conditioned to accept that as the loser in a bout I had to take what's coming to me. My shame and anger lessened and turned into something else, something sexual, as he began to stroke me, and I couldn't help respond as his oiled hand underage asain porn slid up and down my equally slimy dick - but evidently this wasn't good enough for Darren as to further cheers from the men, he pushed a finger up my arsehole and began to feel for and then massage, my prostate.He got the young slave boy to crouch by him to catch my cum, and as I knelt there, spent and gasping from my orgasm, I had the further humiliation of seeing the boy carry his cupped palms around to the watching men so that they could view my ejaculate. As if it it wasn't bad enough to be wanked in front of them, now they were examining my cum as if I was some prime beast at livestock show, who had been forced into ejaculation so that potential purchasers could assess its semen. Some of them were pretty disparaging when they compared it to the gusher from Luke, and that really piseed me off: I was a lot older, after all, and hadn't had such a great fight to get my juices really flowing. And, anyway I reckon I was at least two hundred percent more virile than they were!I won't tell you about the utter humiliation after Darren pushed my head down onto the table and barked at me to get my ass high in the air - how he stood there sticking first one finger, then two, and finally three up my ass so he could use my cum to lubricate me. He stood there then and had the young slave boy rub the remains of my cum all over his erect dick as all the men craned forward to watch, then came behind me, slapped my butt a couple of times to "get me ready" as he told them. He rode me long and hard - I was soon grunting in time to kidz underage xxx the rhythmic slap of his thighs against my butt as he fucked me. I didn't want the men underaged asian sex to know that I was in trouble and really wanted to shout out with pain as his vigorous dick ploughed me, and I managed to stifle it down to underage indian girl those grunts which, I suppose if underage asian rape I was being brutally honest, are actually some deep sexual response ass well as an indication of distress - I'd often heard guys make those noises as I'd fucked them, after all.All the time he was fucking me he kept one hand curled around the rope holding my arm high up my back, forcing me to keep my face right down, and I guess he must have looked a bit like a cowboy riding a bucking bronco, holding the reins in one hand for more control. He even paused briefly occasionally so he could slap my butt as if "encouraging" me to give him greater pleasure, and my whole body flushed deeper with embarrassment as the men in the underage fucking pictures audience responded with cheers and shouts as he did this.I sensed his climax was near as his thrusts became even harder and deeper, then there was a merciful relief as he pulled out. I was expecting to feel his hot cum splashing along my naked back, but he swiftly came around to my face, and before I could stop him he'd pulled me up by the hair and shot all over me - I was so surprised that I had no time to react, and just knelt there with his cum rolling down my forehead and cheeks. The audience of course hot teen underage went wild at this, extreme underage porn and Darren clearly "played" to them as he ran a finger down my cheeks, collecting his cum, then snapped "Suck it, Steve!" As he pushed it towards my clenched lips. As hateful as it was, that "code" cut in again and I knew I had to obey him as I had lost the fight.The young slave went around refreshing the men's drinks, and the four of us were left to our own devices for a few minutes. Luke and Jamie came over and joined Darren in undoing all the fiendish knots that were holding my arm behind me, and suddenly I think Darren recognised what he'd done. "Sorry, Steve...", he muttered.I was going to tear him off a strip, but stopped myself just in time as I realised how utterly ridiculous I'd appear to Luke and Jamie - how often had I lectured all the european underage porn young gladiators about behaving properly, about respecting your opponent, and in living up to the gladiator code? And now here I was about to shout at Darren for what he'd=d done, when he had after all only been doing what horny underage boys any gladiator who won a private bout would do. So I held out my hand and shook his and said, as cheerfully as I could "Good fight! Well done.", and, funnily enough, I started to feel better.I wanted to go and dress then, but the young slave came over and said the surgeon wanted to see me. underage fuck horse I stood there in front of him and he said "So bring him in on Wednesday and we'll do the operation. It will only need one night in the hospital, and you can pay them when you get there.""Pay them? I thought we were doing this fight to pay you!""You were, Steve. You have paid me my fee now, in advance. But the hospital is a different matter!"I had no money, as you know, and stood there dumbfounded. Jamie had heard this and model underage boys did not have as nude indian underage much control as I had as he roared "Scumbag, cheat....! We were fighting for Darren... You are meant to fix him...."Some of the men heard this and came over, and Jamie blurted out the whole thing. In spite of the surgeon reassuring them that he'd only agreed underage hentai girls to waive his fee and underaged webcam girls the hospital was something else, they didn't japan underage fuck seem entirely convinced. One old guy came and stood next to Luke, put his arm around Luke's shoulders and said "This fine young man has really entertained us.... They all have, I know, but this young man's performance was exceptional. underage jerking I think we'd all like to see him in action again, wouldn't we?"His fellows all shouted "Yes!", and "Sure thing!" And stuff like that, and the old guy said to me quite easily, as if it was the most normal thing in the world "I understand you're his owner - will you allow me to hire him for the remainder of the afternoon to perform for a select few of us, in exchange for us paying this hospital bill? I'm on the board of governors, and I'm sure there will be no problem."I was going to ask Jamie what he thought about it, but remembered that I was a free man and the owner of soft pics underage the three lads. I'd already been humiliated enough in front of these men, and did not want to appear weak. So I braced myself, and responded "A most generous offer, I think. You can use all three of my slaves whilst I shower, then take dildo illegal underage a swim in that fabulous pool, and have a drink."End Of Part Thirty Six
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